what is vitaliz?

The technology for Vitaliz and started around 2005 when the first patent was awarded to Vitaliz's parent company Medtor LLC. This patent was the first of many that would later make up the entirely new sensor technology designed in 2011 known as SafeSAT™. Using a completely new approach, Medtor re-designed the optical sensor to add a third LED light source, which emits white light and replaced the sensor element currently used in all two wavelength oximeters with a novel and proprietary dual sensor, capable of reading light intensity and spectral shifts highly accurately.

In early 2015, the concept of the DUO was envisioned and Vitaliz was started. By looking at the market and evaluating/studying the sensor devices that were being used, Vitaliz set out to create a totally new & better wearable that could analyze heart rate and be the only one on the market to analyze blood oxygen levels right from the wrist. Vitaliz wanted to do all this without the inaccuracy found in many wearables that were on the market so that its users could know exactly where they stood with their fitness throughout their day. Vitaliz wanted to design a wearable that kept up with your life and goals.